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We absolutely LOVE hearing about what SMYP/PR Alumni are up to, and as we approach our 25th anniversary, we want to reconnect with St Michael's yOUTH pROJECT / Phoenix rising alumni from across the ages!

Aim of the Alumni

Give back to Phoenix Rising

Reconnect with friends and revive the SMYP/PR spirit

Get Involved

Mentorship Programme

This programme provides the alumni of the network with a chance to contribute to the personal development of our current PR participants. The aim is to bring together young PR members who are beginning their professional careers with PR alumni who are already experienced and can share their expertise with the current PR generation.

Alumni Crowdfunding

To strengthen cross-generational solidarity in PR, this scheme has been developed to support current members. This support has helped us to strengthen inclusivity in PR, as well as support the development of PR member organisations. Future donors can support current PR members here.

Alumni Reunions

Alumni have a chance to reunite at any of our events throughout the year.

Stay In Touch

We are very happy to stay in touch with our alumni and to actively cultivate the PR network. Join our FACEBOOK page or email us on

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